Totally stoked that you guys like “Growth” so much. I dig it, too. Thanks for all your love! 


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First Friday on 1st // September, 2014 // kinda lame

My goodness, you guys! Your love and support has me baffled! I have almost the same amount of followers on this blog that I do for my personal one, which I’ve had for much longer! 

I feel so spoiled by you all… Your likes and reblogs really keep my ambition and motivation going; you are appreciated, you beautiful, wonderful people. 

I hope that I inspire some of you. And if not that, then I hope I somehow create a bit of motivation to follow your passion or dream, or something life-changing like that!

The love of my life, best friend, and photography partner (eoshiro), was my motivation and inspiration to keep shooting. Not only that, but to make it more than a hobby. I got into the BFA program for photography and strive on the daily to become a better photographer. With support like his, how could I not? So I hope I can give something like that to some of you. 

A spark of inspiration or something! 

And if none of that at all, well, I still appreciate your love! Thanks a lot, everyone.

Feel free to check out Seemly Photography at, which is where eoshiro and I share our adventures. 

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Carmel Beach // Carmel, CA // August 2014